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Tōtika - cross-recognition for Health and Safety pre-qualification in New Zealand


Pre-qualification and assessment of health and safety is an important part of the procurement process. Before Tōtika, there was no common standard for pre-qualification resulting in many proprietary and internal pre-qualification schemes. Creating inefficiency in the supply chain because suppliers had to repeatedly pre-qualify against different schemes and standards. This repeated and duplicated effort wastes time and money for both clients and contractors. There is a strong desire within the industry alike for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika has been developed to deliver these outcomes.

What is Tōtika? It creates a fair and equitable scheme with the objective that suppliers only need to pre-qualify ONCE instead of duplicating effort for each new client and opportunity through:

  • One universal standard – which provides a single source and a common view for H&S pre-qualification
  • One cross recognition framework – that recognises external audits of suppliers as an alternative
  • External assessment and certificate schemes – through recognition of ISO 45001 certification, SafePlus On-Site Assessments and Q-Safe certification
  • It is an evolution – it is the next step to streamlining H&S pre-qualification criteria for procurement purposes

What it isn't. Tōtika is not just another pre-qualification system, it is a single framework that brings all health and safety pre-qualifications together under one umbrella to make the process cheaper and quicker for everyone. Tōtika does not absolve a buyers/clients responsibility for health and safety, nor does it guarantee any supplier capability of doing a job. Tōtika is not for profit and so any surplus after costs will be used for the benefit of industry.

Scheme Documents

Tōtika Scheme Rules

Tōtika Member Prequalification Scheme Standard

Tōtika Scheme Core Criteria

Tōtika Questionnaire Guidance and Minimum Evidence Required

Tōtika Adoption Guidance for Supply Chain Leaders

Member Schemes

Scheme: Qualify365 by Safe365®
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Scheme: Pegasus PRE QUAL
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