Cross-recognition for Health and Safety Pre-qualification in New Zealand

Introduction to Tōtika


Pre-qualification and assessment of health and safety is an important part of the procurement process. Before Tōtika, there was no common standard for pre-qualification, resulting in many proprietary and internal pre-qualification schemes, creating inefficiency in the supply chain because suppliers had to repeatedly pre-qualify against different schemes and standards. This repeated and duplicated effort wastes time and money for both clients and contractors. There is a strong desire within the industry alike for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika has been developed to deliver these outcomes.

What is Tōtika? It creates a fair and equitable scheme with the objective that suppliers only need to pre-qualify ONCE instead of duplicating effort for each new client and opportunity through:

  • One universal standard – which provides a single source and a common view for H&S pre-qualification
  • One cross recognition framework – that recognises external audits of suppliers as an alternative
  • External assessment and certificate schemes – through recognition of ISO 45001 certification, SafePlus On-Site Assessments and Q-Safe certification

What it isn't. Tōtika is not just another pre-qualification system; it is a single framework that brings all health and safety pre-qualifications together under one umbrella to make the process cheaper and quicker for everyone. Tōtika does not absolve a buyer’s/client’s responsibility for health and safety, nor does it guarantee any supplier’s capability of doing a job. Tōtika is not for profit, so any surplus after costs will be used for the benefit of the industry.

Contractors and Suppliers

  • No registration fees
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Find your supplier category
  • Understand accepted assessments and certifications
  • Upload key documents and set expiries

Buyers (Supply Chain Leaders)

  • This is for Clients of Supply Chains
  • Annual Fee $1000
  • Search the register
  • Set up auto .csv import of the register
  • Access contractor/supplier information

Suppliers with own Supply Chain

  • This is for Suppliers or Contractors who lead their own Supply Chain
  • Annual Fee $1000
  • Both Buyer and Supplier functionality

Member Schemes

Please ensure you request a Tōtika aligned prequalification assessment when contacting the below member schemes.
Scheme: Qualify365 by Safe365®
Contact Email:  
Contact Email:
Contact Email:
Scheme: iskills – Avetta Prequal
Contact Email:

Do you operate pre-qualification schemes?

For Member Assessment Scheme information, click here. This does not apply to suppliers or client organisations.